Today Marks the 20th Anniversary of Tech N9ne’s Groundbreaking LP ‘Anghellic’!

On Tuesday, August 28th, 2001 the underworld of hip-hop was straight up shaken to its very core upon Strange Music releasing Tech N9ne’s groundbreaking LP ‘Anghellic’! Tech N9ne’s ferocious devilish chopper flow heard within ‘Anghellic’ solidified Tech N9ne as the key emcee to keep hip-hop alive and expand on the genre’s sound through dark lyrical rhyme schemes that are powerful enough to summon the Grim Reaper himself through the speakers of your own home stereo! ‘Anghellic’ even gave birth to Tech N9ne’s signature trilogy stalker single “Psycho Bitch”; a Halloween-inspired track that could quite possibly put fear into John Carpenter himself!  While the disturbing abortion content of “Real Killer” rivals the majority of the horrorcore hip-hop scene at their most demented.  Can our readers/supporters remember where/when they first bumped ‘Anghellic’ and how the LP affected your own personal lives?! Leave your favorite ‘Anghellic’ memories below!


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