Swedish Musician Tove Lo Unveils New Cannabis Beverage

Swedish musician and cannabis aficionado Tove Lo announced her partnership with a cannabis beverage company to make an infused drink called Passion Peach Mate.

In a press release on August 18, the electro-pop artist shared that she’s working with Cann, a California infused beverage company, as well as Sweet Flower and Airfield Supply Company to make a special, caffeinated beverage. She teased the new product on social media, tagged with “my peach is the tea and you’re gonna want to hit it more than once. a different kind of buzz is coming soon @drinkcann @airfieldsupply @sweet.flower.shops” on August 12.

In an official press statement, Tove Lo explains that this drink was born of a close collaboration, not just between business partners but between friends. “I’ve been obsessed with Cann since the first time I tried it a few years ago,” she said. “I love the high, the flavors, the design and also the people who run it. I mean, I even started watching Luke’s dog from time to time! This collaboration is a collaboration between friends and likeminded humans and those are always the best! I’m so happy to be a part of this new flavor, I love the campaign we’ve created together with our teams! Overall feeling invincible on Passion Peach Mate, I’m living for it!”

Swedish Passion in a U.S. Drink

Passion Peach Mate is the first product made by Cann that contains “all-natural caffeine” with a microdosed amount of THC. According to a press release, Passion Peach Mate will offer a “sweet peach taste with an uplifting, energetic buzz” that mimics the popularity of vodka mate (pronounced “Mah-tay”) drinks in Berlin clubs.

Courtesy of Cann

The Tove Lo-inspired drink will be offered in 12-ounce cans, each with 5mg of THC, and sold for $20 per pack. For now, it will only be available in California, exclusively through dispensaries that sell Sweet Flower and Airfield Supply Co. Specifically, this includes retailers in southern California and San Jose.

One of the co-founders of Cann, Luke Anderson, explained how the origin of Tove Lo’s involvement in the new drink. “Throughout 2020 when the pandemic hit, and we were trying everything to sustain the brand’s momentum, I would drive my beat-up Volkswagen around North Hollywood and drop cases off with entertainment folks to try and convince them to fall in love with Cann,” said Anderson. 

“Tove and her husband Charlie were a regular stop and fiercely loyal to the brand. They expressed a lot of excitement about collaborating on a limited release that had a ‘high energy’ vibe, so we met up for dinner one night and agreed to work together on bringing the first caffeinated Cann to market. There’s something about the clean and natural caffeine from this tea that enables you to feel upbeat and dance-y for hours, without the dreaded crash.”

Sweet Flower co-founder and CEO Tim Dodd expressed his excitement about the new partnership. “Sweet Flower is delighted to have an exclusive collaboration with Cann and Tove Lo’s limited edition Passion Peach Mate on our shelves,” said Dodd. “Sweet Flower is a leader in launching new cannabis beverages across our SoCal storefront and delivery platform, and we’re excited to share the first ever caffeinated cannabis beverage from Cann with our customers.”

Likewise, Airfield Supply Company’s Founder and CEO Marc Matulich is thrilled to see this new product take off. “We are always excited to introduce innovative, new products to Airfield’s diverse Bay Area audience and are of course proud to be the exclusive Northern California retail outlet for this expression of Tove Lo’s artistic vision,” said Matulich. “As a huge mate fan, I am also personally delighted to help enable the launch of the first-ever naturally caffeinated, infused beverage.”

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