Gibby Stites Releases His Own Comic Book “Bacon Boy”!

Twiztid’s protégé emcee  Gibby Stites just revealed he’ll be debuting issue number one of his comic book “Bacon Boy”  today! It’s titled “Bacon Boy vs. BRO-CCOLI” and is written by Gibby Stites and illustrated by Oscar Nahuel Runo. Only 50 issues of the first edition will be released, which includes a limited amount through and the rest will be at Astronomicon 4! Super dope!
From Gibby Stites Across Social Media:
“I’m heading to Astro, and I figured I’d celebrate by dropping my first comic book ever! Bacon Boy #1 “Bacon Boy vs. BRO-CCOLI” is a comedic, greasy, action-packed passion project of mine. This first edition is extremely limited with only 50 copies in existence. Black and white pages with full color covers. A small amount of copies are available exclusively at and the rest will be with me at Astro 🚀 so if you’re coming you can be one of the first to get your copy directly from ya boy.
Can Bacon Boy save the day? Will he clog your arteries in the process?? Does he have bacon-grease vision??? Tune in for the greasy adventures and find out! 🥓

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