Gathering Mainstream Media Coverage

What’s up Juggalos! Now that the Gathering has come and gone, the post Gathering depression sets in for many. One of the things that help so many are seeing and reliving the memories from the Gathering. The Gathering, being our yearly family reunion, also brings the outside world to take a peek inside ours. Over the years we have seen the likes of many major media outlets that come out to explore and document the magical reunion that we come to embrace.

We have seen everything from PBS filming documentaries, to media outlets from the UK, to Vice. We have witnessed so many different forms of media coverage at the Gathering of the Juggalos, but probably the most common would be through the means of wire service, which distributes their images commercially to all media outlets nationwide.

So to help ease the woes of your post Gathering depression, we like to help point you in the direction of seeing the coverage that’s been put out there by the rest of the world.

Gathering Media Coverage

Noise From The Pit

Rolling Stone

Brooklyn Vegan

Daily Beast



As there are plenty more out there, most of them are just reblogged or wire service images. Hope this helps bring a smile to your face. MCL!


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