FMW-E Burnout Scorches Osaka

FMW-E Burnout.


Stranglemania  Alumni himself Atsushi Onita as well as the ever growing roster of FMW-E made it’s way to Osaka this weekend. Held outside at the Hanahaku Memorial Hall it was reminiscent of old style Japanese wrestling shows. Shaved Ice vendors, cold drinks, scorching sun, and some wrestling that hasn’t been seen in Osaka in quite some time.

The energy was electric outside, everyone waiting anxiously to get inside the gate and see the grudge match that has been promoted for the past month. Mr. Pogo (Shadow WX) vs Atsushi Onita the Deathmatch in Hell in Osaka!  I was on location as the only foreign media correspondent and it was a hell of a time.


Once inside I was greeted by my press contact, after a quick thank you and introduction I made my way to the ringside area to take some photos.


Winners in (Parentheses)

First match:

(Yosuke Takii) VS Tetsuya Goto

This match was the opener, it was full of hard hitting action, it had some great high flying moves but good solid technical wrestling. Yosuke hit one of the most fluid dropkicks in the middle of the ring that i’ve ever seen, and I have seen a metric ton of dropkicks delivered in my day. Yosuke got hold of Tetsuya for a high back body drop, and transitioned into a boston crab (walls of jericho) Tetsuya managed to get one leg free but it wasn’t enough and he tapped out to the half crab. Solid match I look forward to seeing these two again.


Second match:

(SAKI) VS Yuko Sakurai

The second match featured some very cute but also very tough Joshi wrestling.

Yuko Sakurai made her way to the ring, full of cheer and fun, followed by the more colorful but just as cheerful Saki.

Once in the ring both women shared a “Yorishiku Onigaishimasu” and shook hands. The match started off evenly matched as Saki and Yuko both gained offense on each other, but it soon changed when the height difference got the best of Yuko. Saki managed to get Yuko into a surfboard stretch of sorts, before picking her up and swinging her back and forth, then giving her a huge superman swing. As Yuko got up Saki grabbed her and gave her a big suplex and pinned her for the 1. 2. 3. Fun solid match with plenty of eye candy as well as physical strength.



Third match:

(Tomohiko Hashimoto, Mac Donalto) VS Naoshi Sano, Raito Shimizu

This match was a treat for those that enjoy comedy wrestling. It’s not for everyone but Mac Donalto is a special kind of gimmick… it’s Ronald McDonald… but he’s gay? Maybe Bi sexual? However he is a talented wrestler and one hell of a good time to watch… I can’t even begin to describe the match… just look at the photos



This is where the show slowed down a bit…


Atsushi Onita came out holding a photo of Hideki Hosaka who just a few days prior to this show passed away on August 2nd. He along side Hosaka’s widow came down to the ring and delivered a 10 bell salute and moment of silence before reminding the crowd that we will always remember him and he will always be with us in FMWE before slamming the microphone down.


Fourth match:

Morimatsu Drake, Sae VS (Kyuseisyu Ninja Ranmaru, Momoka Hanazono)

This match was fun because it had both comedy on one team, and brute force on the other. The first team to come out cute and goofy Kyuseisyu Ninja Ranmaru and Momoka Hanazono, followed by the more brute team of Morimatsu Drake and Sae. Morimatsu almost took my head off with a swing of her bat into the ring post.


The match was fun, the strangest spot was a “Time freeze moment” by Ninja Ranmaru… she froze the opponents in place before unfreezing time to have them attack each other. It was fun.



Fifth match:

(Daisuke Masaoka, Kamui) VS The Brahman Brothers 

Match 5 and it was sure to be fun.

You might remember The Brahman Brothers from my last FMW-E write up, but if you don’t remember they are these two brothers who come out and spray hand sanitizer on the crowd which… they loved it. Once the two got in the ring, I became somewhat the butt of a joke when they said to the audience (all in Japanese of course) Look at the foreigner cameraman… He smells bad… here take some sanitizer stinky.


Defeated… I took the sanitizer and kept taking photos like the smelly foreigner I am. (This was all in fun)


They were taking on the team of Daisuke Masaoka and Kamui…this was a comedy match of sorts, but still had some great moments… it started off by the brothers throwing their towels at their opponents and it was on! After some fighting on the outside they took what I can only describe as a wooden stake big enough for 25 Dracula’s and stuck it in one of the opponents…. ahem… stuck it…. right up his… anus. Not only that they once inside said mans backside… they took a stop sign and slammed it into it… driving it further into his backside.


Tons of fun, the match ended when a miscommunication happened between the brothers and one threw a white powder into the others face. Always fun to see them and I can’t wait to see them again!


Sixth match:

(Kuga, Andy WU) VS  Magnitude Kishiwada, Yoshihiro Horaguchi

Simi Main event time. This match took place between the teams of Kuga and Andy WU vs Magnitude Kishiwada and Yoshihiro Horaguchi.

I wasn’t familiar with them, but I found out very quickly that Andy WU had a ton of fans in the crowd… lots of Andy WU flags, t shirts, towels, banners… everywhere..


The match started fast and got ugly and moved immediately to the outside. People were being thrown into the crowd, it was crazy trying to keep tabs on what was happening because they were all over the place. I managed to snap some great photos but as far as the match went I just tried to follow what I could on the outside.


Take a look at the snaps and get ready for the main event!!!



Seventh match main event:

Barbed wire rope explosion +Barbed wire baseball bat explosion+the Table
explosion +Barbed wire barricade landmines explosion with triple bomb “Death match of Hell in Osaka” No time limit 1 fall

Atsushi Onita, Tsuyoshi Okada, HASEGAWA
(Mr.Pogo, X , Isami Kodaka with Devil Magician)

This was the main event. The big grudge match. It was everything we expected and more. Making his way to the ring first was the man the myth and the legend. Atsushi Onita. His team accompanied him as well as fans carrying banners with his name and the FMW-E logo on them.

Then on an opposite side, the challengers Mr. Pogo followed by his team.


By this time nightfall had set in, and with no large lights outside visibility was getting low and my camera without a flash was unfortunately at a disadvantage. However I was able to still get good photos via timing my shots to other photographers flash bulbs.


Once inside the ring the teams were announced then as per request of the “captains” so to say… Everyone got out of the ring except Mr. Pogo and Onita. This was gonna start off as a 1 on 1 match. After some brawling when the bell rang a very close to the barbwire explosion ropes Mr. Pogo sprayed Onita in the face with the red mist. A blinded Onita lay on the ground in a prone position trying to regain his eyesight while Mr. Pogo had something more hot on his mind.

Mr. Pogo grabbed his bottle of fuel, and lit the mini torch on fire as to get ready for what was going to happen… Onita fresh off having a bottle of water squirted in his eyes picked up a chair and right as Mr. Pogo went to blow fire, Onita blocked it with the chair saving him the same fate that happened in Yokohama on July 4th. The teams now have entered the ring and it was full blown pandemonium. I was outside the ring trying to cover all the mayhem but I couldn’t keep up with 6 different men, doing 3 different fights so I focused my attention to Onita and Pogo. Onita and Pogo fell into one of the exploding ropes and like a flash of hell fire the heat and explosion went off. Showered in sparks I shook off what I could and kept taking photos. They were both sweltering and their clothes were on fire.

The next thing I see they are on the side of the ring apron, and as they battled one of the men inside the ring shouted out ONITA!! as he delivered a kick to both men, that sent them tumbling into the exploding landmine board. The boom from all those explosions rocked me and anyone near that board to their very core.


Laying twisted and mangled inside the barbwire and still smoking from being on fire they both laid. Crew came and doused both men with water to put out the flames. During this time the other men in the ring were duking it out, and both teams fell into the wire and got a taste of the explosions.


Once Onita and Pogo had regained a little of their composure they went back into the ring, and picked apart each team. Onita delivered an exploding bat shot, and a piledriver through the exploding table to members of Pogo’s team, but after the exploding table, Mr. Pogo got the best of Onita by putting the sickle into his back…

It looked excruciatingly painful, until Onita’s team jumped on Pogo. It gave Onita the time to find one more weapon the exploding chair… and what a bang it delivered when Onita hit Pogo in the head with it…


I thought that was the end of the match… it had to be…. 1…….2…….. Pogo kicked out.


After this all of Pogos team jumped on Onita and finally gave it everything they had… delivering a exploding bat shot to Onita finally did him in. Mr. Pogo made the cover… 1….2…..3.


Onita was defeated by Mr. Pogo. It was the shocker of the night for me. I expected Onita to pull off the win but as he laid on the ring, being doused by water Mr. Pogo walked backstage in victory. Once composure was regained Onita got in the middle of the ring and pumped up the crowd, telling everyone thank you for coming. Thank you for the support and thank you to everyone who puts it all on the line every FMWE show.


He gave the crowd some classic Onita “FIIIIIIRRRREEEEEE” at the end of his speech and threw the microphone down before going out into the crowd for the end of the show.



After all was said and done I was happy to be there, happy to see the fans happy and happy to once again be able to show the world the greatness that is FMW-E.


I wanna say thank you to Atsushi Onita, Shadow WX and all the wrestlers at the show. You guys are real life super heros, and the things you do to entertain us is amazing.


Thank you to Mayuko San. For giving me a chance to shine and letting me photograph FMW-E.

Thank you to my beautiful wife Yoko for helping me with translations.

Thank you to Scottie D and the team here at Faygoluvers.


To catch more FMW-E check out their english website:

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And as always for all the news on underground music, wrestling, and more keep it locked to here and on facebook and twitter!


Thanks for reading and I’ll be back for the next Yokohama FMW-E show!!



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