Recent Underground Releases You Need To Be Bumpin’! Featuring Mastamind, CABAL, & HRSMN!

In the last month, a ton of fresh independent music has descended upon the underground like the Black Plague of 1346! And it’s been hard to keep up with so much underground flavor surrounding us.  So here are the three most recent releases you need to be bumpin’ that we should’ve reported on sooner! Sorry ‘n shit! But better late than never!

Mastamind: “The Ultimate Warrior”

Legendary NATAS emcee Mastamind has returned to conquer the wicked underground once again with the double-disc LP “The Ultimate Warrior!”! It contains an intro /outro, plus 23 tracks of that classic Detroit Wicket Shit that we all adore. And they’re guaranteed to wake the dead upon bumpin’ on full blast through your very own home stereo! Scoop up signed hard copies by personally messaging Mastamind here:  But you can bump “The Ultimate Warrior” loud and proud below!

CABAL: “The Watchers”

BukshotMr. Grey, and Lo Key have formed a kick-ass new underground supergroup called CABAL!  And hard copies of their hellish debut LP “The Watchers” have recently dropped and keep continually showing up doorsteps. No full-length digital release looks to be released anytime soon and the 100 limited “Death Merchant” mystery box bundles of “The Watchers”  did completely sell out! But fans can still snag single hard copies of CABAL’s brilliant debut “The Watchers” here:

HRSMN: “The Last Ride”

Four of underground hip-hop’s most versatile emcees — Killah Priest, Ras Kass, Kurupt, and Canibus — formed a supergroup called the HRSMN over twenty years ago.  Only a select few unmixed demos were leaked online. But now, these ferocious underground legends have finally unleashed their instant-classic debut record The Last Ride”. You can bump their independent authentic hip-hop flavor below! P.S. Hard copies of HRSMN’s “The Last Ride” aren’t due out until July 30th, 2021. But you can preorder here:


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