MNE Re-releases the Rydas LP! New Rydas / Gibby Merch Available!

Oh shit…I know a ton of you didn’t get a chance to listen to the Rydas LP that was released last year.  There were only physical copies pressed, and I’m not even sure how many of those there were. They sold out pretty quickly, and as far as I know, it’s not available anywhere digitally.

This 2021 edition comes with brand new artwork, and mostly the same tracks except for the final.  This 12 track LP ends with a song titled “Drop ‘Em” whereas the original one was a 7+ minute opus featuring a grip of artists called “I’ma Be a Ryda”.  You can see the 2021 track list here:

  1. The Saga Continues
  2. Ain’t Callin You Gangsta
  3. Fuckin Rydas In Here
  4. Y’all Crew Ain’t Nuthin
  5. We Got Mad Slugs
  6. 100% In My DNA
  7. We Violent
  8. How A Ryda Ride
  9. Put That On Everything
  10. Run
  11. Dump Dump
  12. Drop ‘Em

You can get the CD copy of this edition for $14.99 or for the first time ever, the vinyl cut for $24.99!

Also available is some brand new Gibby Stites merch, and new Unlikely Prescription LP pre-order packages from Twiztid!  Get everything I’ve mentioned in this post at this link:

This is your 2nd opportunity to get this LP, so don’t miss out!

Click the pic to view ALL New Items at!

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