Jeffrey Nothing Gets Heavy With New Single/Video “The Outage”!

Former Mushroomhead frontman Jeffrey Nothing gets heavy with his new single/video “The Outage”! It’s directed by Ian D. Sniesak and edited and shot by Jon Conner of A Hole in the Head Productions, with assisted videography by Tommy Church and Aj Taranto. Within “The Outage” Jeffrey Nothing has awesomely decided to team up with fellow former MUSHROOMHEAD guitarist Tommy Church following their unexpected sudden departure from the band three years ago in 2018. Even cooler, the new Jeffrey Nothing band also features former Motograter and The Browning drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson, vocalist Ian D. Sniesak, and bassist Steven Adams.

From Jeffrey Nothing in regards to releasing “The Outage”:

“We all come with an expiration date. From our first breath, till our last, we are a miracle in motion; full of emotion, fears, and an air of invincibility. How we treat our fellow man and our life matters. Other than love, you sincerely can’t take it with you. Above is a place I pray to one day be, not a circle I put myself in as I traverse this lifetime. Freedom means everything. All complexes aside, we have no owners. Dream big and share your soul… I, for one, will be listening. So many trash their bodies and minds and feel they just get to wake up from whatever mistake they just made no matter what. It is so heartbreaking to watch a generation be wiped out because they truly believe they are invincible. We are not. Risking oneself for that ever-elusive first high destroys far more than the singular self. Parents never want to outlive their children. You are not that invincible person who will beat any challenge, just because. Stop for one second and be that miracle baby again. Not the almost adult who crushed everyone’s dreams, all because you wanted to escape a temporary nightmare. Death is the end, not a new beginning. Ever.” 

Be sure to check out the latest from Jeffrey Nothing below!

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