Damien Quinn’s (Dark Half) New Morbid LP “The Great Red Dragon” Out Now!

It’s getting late ninjas. But if you’re feeling like getting spooky tonight then you need to bump the latest Damien Quinn (Dark Half) music content. Yes! His new morbid LP “The Great Red Dragon” is finally available for your listening pleasure! It contains twelve tracks of pure terror! Hardcopies of “The Great Red Dragon” are available through the official Cult Gear website here:  https://www.officialcultgear.com/products The digital release of “The Great Red Dragon” can be supported at this authentic Apple Music link here: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/damien-quinn/286621701

Here is a fresh review of “The Great Red Dragon” by Legends Will Never Die: 

“Damien Quinn is a 33 year old MC from Kenosha, Wisconsin gaining notoriety in the underground as part of the horrorcore duo Dark Half. They only put out 2 critically acclaimed albums together until his partner in rhyme Geno Cultshit passed away of a drug overdose in 2015, but Damien kept himself busy by dropping a handful of EPs leading up to his official solo debut Disorder a couple summers back. But after a few delays, he’s finally following it up with a sophomore effort.

“B.M.A.L.” begins the album by talking about making them all bleed accompanied by an electro-trap beat from Devereaux whereas “Acadia” takes things into a more trap metal direction talking about the apocalypse. “Unconscious” is an awkward cover of Monoxide’s solo cut off the House of Krazees’ 1994 sophomore album Season of the Pumpkin as much as I love the original, but makes up for it with the demonic “I Can Make Them Change”.

Meanwhile, on “Cursed”, we have Damien expressing his desire to watch the world burn on top of a manic instrumental leading into the eerie serial killer-themed “Manhunter”. He later takes a shot that those who thought they’d try to kill him whilst reviving the trap metal sound on “Ready-Set-Assemble” with that type of production further carried into the mosh pit anthem “Panic Button”.

“ĆVND1RÜ” is a distorted call to expose the bones of the mistreated & unknown while “Hausu” addresses his lover with the production taking a stripped-back detour. “The Woman Clothed in the Sun” works in some keyboard melodies attached to mythological lyricism & finally there’s the closer “Chapter 54”, which is a misty declaration of not conforming.

Of all the projects that Damien has dropped on his own since Geno’s untimely passing, this is the finest one of them all. The production choices have significantly improved & we get a very well-told story of who The Great Red Dragon really is.”

Score: 4/5

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