Apocalypse Pit of Doomsday Productions Returns W/ Collabo LP ‘Trials & Tribulations’!

Those who deeply follow the underground should be familiar with the classic Las Vegas group Doomsday Productions that consisted of the emcees Eklypss, Sir Playboy 7, and Apocalypse Pit. Their independent gangster hit records “Prey 4 Me” (1997), “Filthy” (1999), and The Plague (2002) with Brotha Lynch Hung, shook the underworld of hip-hop as if their raw material had the sheer power of the San Francisco earthquake of 1989. Sadly, the Doomsday Productions trio is no longer active. But Apocalypse Pit of Doomsday Productions is still hard at work creating grimy new tunes for the underground!

We here at Faygoluvers.net are referring to the brand new full-length collabo LP ‘Trials & Tribulations’ with Apocalypse Pit and Colt Draine. It contains 12 heavy hitters that are bound to rattle the doors straight off your whip upon listening! Fans can support ‘Trials & Tribulations’ at their preferred media outlet here: https://linktr.ee/ColtDraine?fbclid=IwAR0My1xfTgq5WpkTSv8Ya-erga5Ke3XDhFbYf3G4DjYZoxjZ91NjDRJZhQw

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