Whitney Peyton – Give It Gas (Official Music Video)

Stream “Give It Gas” – https://ps.onerpm.com/7862495749 Lyrics and Vocals: Whitney Peyton Mixed by: Bag of Tricks Cat LYRICS: From the gate everybody went and labeled me an outcast, Day after day thinking I was burnin out fast, Embrace all the pain then I turn it all around fast, Hate me or love me Ima show you I could outlast The nay say that they say I think I hit my limit I’ve been treated like a trash can runnin’ over bitches you can see It on the dash cam Only way to reach me now is hit me on the Cash App How can you blame me? swear to god, this is what happens glowed up just to hold up, good girl to a bad bitch I seen you laughin’ Im gainin traction Keep that same energy as I go past you if I’m going out I’m going swinging like a batter Doin damage while im tracking, wreaking havoc, ima bastard Ima inovater , Incinerator Call your wife up like “What’s for dinner later?” Think ill date her Been creative with the pen and paper since daycare Even as a minor I was thinkin major Back in the day Back in my feelings, Im back in my ways Cracking the ceiling, they askin my name Im a long way from the place Where I came Give it gas Like fuck it if I crash, I’m feeling reckless I guess thats just where I’m at Middle finger out the window With my feet up on the dash You think you know me But you don’t know You don’t know the half Nobody likes a winner they just hoping you lose, Making up fake news just to open the wounds, Lemme blow up my views, I feel like choking you dudes, So Ima say it from my chest and my fallopian tubes, “Fuck you, fuck you.. you’re cool but I really don’t trust ya” I been outta touch here, A lotta things happened that were suckin all my passion Got it back and now I’m bustin I’m going rogue, I’ve gone rogue Lets take this show on the road Boy lets face it I been wavy It’s about time that I’m rowing the boat And yeah its kinda hellish Industry is psychedelic Everyone is fucked up, fluffed up, embellished More cash, more cars, more ass, more melons Im debt, upset just to make em more jealous gotta sell it now.. Now im really unhinged, but im independent And I really didn’t bitch when they disrespected Now im on a different level and I’m anything but level headed never better, but its never been a question Pre Chorus Chorus

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