Violent J announces New Project titled “Walking Home”

On last night’s Jam Exam podcast on the ICP Patreon, Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Jumpsteady all discussed the Forgotten Freshness series of releases.  They talked about all of the tracks that they absolutely loved, why they didn’t make it onto Joker’s Cards, and how the songs came to be.  It was interesting, as always, and you should definitely peep it if you missed it last night.

At the very end of the episode, Violent J announced a new project that he has been working on.  It’s called “Walking Home”, and will be a series of FIVE singles that will be released 4 months apart from each other.

The theme of the singles is that J is a ninja working a regular job, and after he clocks out for the day, he encounters something different on his walks home.  The tracks will be titled “Walking Home – Monday”, “Walking Home – Tuesday”, etc all the way through Friday.

Each single will cost $117.00, but don’t think you’re just getting a CD.  He says it’ll include the following:

  • A bag/box/tote/drawstring bag/backpack of sorts for each single
  • Autographed CD including the single “Walking Home”, the instrumental, the acapella, and a remix
  • Comic book that illustrates the story
  • Something different and unique that pertains to the story
    • 1st will be a map of “Soufwest Detroite” so you can follow J along his journey

After all 5 days have been released, a final “Weekend edition” will be released that contains a CD with all 5 days, the graphic novel with ALL of the comic books combined, and an exclusive Weekend single track.

This sounds interesting as fuck, and being from one of the best storytellers in the rap game, it’s gotta be dope!  Hopefully we’ll hear more about this project soon!

In the meantime, make sure you’re subscribed to the ICP Patreon so you can hear news like this as soon as it drops!

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