Jelly Roll Reveals He Battles Severe Depression

This is some shocking news. Nashville, Tennesse underground star Jelly Roll has always been super personal inside his music. But this time he decided to go on social media and let his fans know the truth behind battling severe depression. We here at wish Jelly Roll nothing but the very best! And we’re super thankful for his amazing music! With that being said, you can read his exact post below.

From Jelly Roll Across Social Media:

“The truth is I struggle with severe depression – I’ve struggled with it my whole life. I know I go through spells where I post a lot on social media and I release a lot of music, then I have moments where I don’t even have the desire or confidence to respond to a text message more or less make a post, release a song or shoot a video. When I was younger I was diagnosed with manic depression. I have moments of extreme productivity where I feel like nothing can stop me. I’m full of energy and confidence, then I have weeks on end where I won’t answer my phone or respond to a text message. This explains my horrible posting patterns, the way I released a ton of music then to silent for a while. This also explains the constant weight gain, and occasionally I crash diet and lose a lot of weight just to regain it again. It also speaks to my addictive behavior. My constant struggle with sobriety and my binge drinking. I’ve always been afraid to make this post because frankly I’m slightly embarrassed and sadly we live in a world where when people bring up mental health issues we are immediately judged one way or the other. I also felt like those that listen to the music know how deep my sadness runs in my soul and my struggles. Though I smile, joke, and laugh a lot deep-rooted in my is an unexplainable pain. I think the reason I decided to finally post this is because I feel the need, to be honest, and also it’s my public vow to start being more transparent and hope that maybe you all will help me stay accountable at seeking help and fighting this demon. And maybe someone out there feels the way I do — maybe you can give me some pointers. Anyways thanks for listening I promise to start posting more no matter what mood I’m in, and releasing more music. I have so many new songs I want to share with y’all. Thanks for taking the time to read this.”

Stay strong Jelly Roll and please keep making kick-ass music among the underground and beyond! To anyone else battling depression, you’re not alone. People do love and care for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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