ICP Announces Location for the Chicken Huntin’ Hootenanny Hoedown Show!

We are just 3 weeks away from ICP’s Chicken Huntin’ Hootenanny Hoedown Show, and we FINALLY got a location for the live event happening at the end of the month!  They said from the beginning that it would be taking place in West Virginia, and they stuck to their word!

The show officially goes down on Saturday, June 26th, and the venue is at Shiley Acres in Inwood, West Virginia!  Remember Juggalos…this show is the first show where you HAVE to be there in person to get your next Ultra Live Monster 5 Coin!

This show will cost you $100.00 just like the last one, and you best believe you should be there if at all possible!  Now, check out the full update…

From Facebook.com/InsaneClownPosse:

ICP’s Chicken Huntin’ Hootenanny Hoedown Show is going down Saturday Night, June 26 in Inwood, West Virginia, at Shiley Acres! Get ready for all the Ultra Live Monster 5 madness that your red ass chicken neck can handle, slapped upside your nugget like a buckshot blast straight from the Wicked Clownz! Tickets go on sale Monday June 7th at 6pm Eastern only at PsychopathicVault.com. One hundred bones gets you in the door and earns you an Ultra Live Monster 5 Coin! Note you must be physically in attendance at the show to get your coin…and be one step closer to the coveted title of Ultra Live Monster Juggalo! We’ll see you down in West Virginia, Juggalos! WHO’S GOIN’ CHICKEN HUNTIN?

That’s it!  Make sure to check out PsychopathicVault.com this coming Monday, June 7th to get your tickets!

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