Today Marks the 15th Anniversary of Jamie Madrox’s Iconic Underground Classic “PHATSO”!

Whoa! Time sure needs to slow the hell down! But we here at are beyond thrilled to say that  today officially marks the 15h anniversary of Jamie Madrox (Twiztid) iconic solo underground hip-hop classic “Phatso”! “Phatso” fully unleashed upon the Juggalo music realm on Tuesday May 16th, 2006! How is it iconic? How is it a classic? First of all. It’s still Jamie Madrox’s only full length solo record to date. And holy shit did Jamie Madrox’s powerful in-depth personal lyrics from “Phatso” melt our minds! The rhyme schemes brought forth inside “Phatso” proved Jamie Madrox was born to slay beats for decades upon decades because his superb constructed bars solidified his authenticity of being an true emcee with his unique “hip-hop you can relate to” approach through raw emotional wordplay. The lyrics gave us an insight into the psyche of Jamie Madrox’s early mind when he was a still a young child trying to comprehend his parents daily struggle of being in debt while trying to remain sane during his Father’s  tragic early death. Specifically the track “Tear Jerker”. “Tear Jerker” still to this day touches the lives of thousands and thousands on the daily with its somber but innovational personal content. No one had heard Jamie speak upon his early youth in such vivid detail before. It was downright spine chilling! Still is! Musical goosebumps are bound to spread across your body right when the song finishes. While tracks such as (but not limited to) “Keep On” “4Fist2Axe-Handles” (featuring Monoxide), “Pledge Allegiance” “Freak Out”, and “Take It 4 What It Is” properly showcases that the Detroit rapper’s fierce microphone massacre skills are nothing to fuck with due their pure unrestrained originality! How’s that for an answer?!

Next question. Do you remember where you were when you first picked up “Phatso” and held the album in your hands for the first time? I know I was at an FYE in Midland, Michigan. And not long after, I accidently blew out the speakers in my Mother’s Ford F-250 red truck from putting it on full blast. She was pissed! But it was totally worth it as every track from “Phatso” needs to be heard loud and proud! Leave your thoughts and comments below in regards to “Phatso” and how the record effected your life personally!

P.S. Here is a bonus editorial review of ‘Phatso’ from 15 years ago:

“Some rap acts come with expiration dates printed on their careers, but this musical force will never spoil! Countless years as an Iron Chef of Underground Music have seasoned his style to a simmering perfection. His talent’s as big as he is, whether it’s laying down tracks or pounding Big Macs. His first solo album is titled Phatso, and it’s just that Phat! Phat-man anger and a bellyful of emotion can be felt in every lick and lyric, while his distinct voice, intense flows, and patterns of attack rap squeeze listeners to the edge of their seats. Despite eight years with Twiztid, and the five national releases under his plus-size belt, Jamie Madrox is rap music’s best keep secret though he doesn’t seem to mind! A big man with a big voice, he’s hard to miss, but he hungers for entertaining and educating, rather than streamlining to the mainstream for a quick sale. Phatso puts Madrox in the solo spotlight, and he’s showin’ off more than his girth! It’s a showcase for the humor at the heart of Twiztid. It also affirms the bond between Madrox and his fans, one as mystical and enchanting as the music he offers them. Phatso hits the gut like a thug doughnut, like an entertainment entrie with insight sauce and a side of irony, like a superstar sundae with bitchslap on top. If you’re not smackin’ your lips, Phatso will do it for you!”

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