Neil P Of Downtown Brown Hosts SUPcast Featuring Mike E Clark

What’s up everyone!

I am a little late with this but like a wise man once said, late is better than never. If you are familiar with the Michigan based band DOWNTOWN BROWN then you should know that guitarist Neil P has launched his own podcast which also includes a kickass patreon everyone should sign up for.

This week’s episode is with the legendary Mike E Clark who has produced for the likes of ICP, Twiztid, Esham, Kid Rock and many more.

Mike goes pretty indepth about alot of topics including making of the Great Milenko, his collection of records and many more tidbits that your ears and eyes will want to take in.

This was originally posted in our forums here on FLH but after listening and watching this goodness , it’s too good to not post up on the main page for everyone’s enjoyment.

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