Kissing Candice Attacked by King Zabb of Scythe Gang 666 During Live Feed?! New Music Beef in the Underground?!

Last night after finishing an informative live interview with Max Collins of Eve 6. We had just begun another special live Instagram takeover with Long Island, New York horror metal titans Kissing Candice. But suddenly Scythe Gang 666’s (Seattle, Washington) ski-masked “SICKLE KLIQ” fanbase infiltrated the chat with all kinds of trash talking that hinted at real beef/rivalry between the two bands. We then went Howard Stern style and allowed King Zabb (Scythe Gang 666 Bass Player) to hop on the live feed to express himself. But all kinds of chaos ensued, leading to a real live brawl between King Zabb and Kissing Candice. We cyber sleuthed and found traces of hints that King Zabb wanted to settle some past beef due to an online rivalry between the KC Crew and the Sickle Kliq. Little did we know Zabb was already lurking around New York with a premediated plan to strike. The trap metal bass player successfully broke into Kissing Candice’s recording headquarters and immediately began to start swinging fists. The live feed was then cut off and our vid was reported for violence.  But thankfully an online  Juggalo was able to salvage  various pieces of the footage. Wild! Will Kissing Candice strike back?

from Faygoluvers


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