Jamie Madrox of Twiztid Interview [Interview Under Fire]

In this latest edition of IUF, co-hosts Sonny and Cory welcome the highly revered Michigan-based hip hop artist, Twiztid. Jamie Madrox has been through many ups and downs in his career along with his bandmate Monoxide, but he would not trade anything for any different moment. The trials and tribulations the duo have experienced are what have shaped them into who they are today. Jamie tells his perspectives on performing in other groups like House of Krazees, Psychopathic Rydas, and Triple Threat to name a few, and how the music of hip-hop and rap have evolved over the decades. While the sound actually has progressed, Twiztid is a testament to that transcendence. In addition, Jamie dives into the ideas and schemes that he and Monoxide have come up with behind the newest record that dropped on 4/20, titled “Electric Lettuce”. Now with over 15 albums into their decorated catalog, themes are an element that have always been a creative advantage coming from Twiztid, and with another album in 2021 in the works, they don’t seem to be letting up any time soon. The legend grows with this duo, and so do their dedicated and diverse fanbase all across the world. Tune into this in-depth episode with a highly positive influential music artist, and be sure to buy and stream the newest Twiztid record ”Electric Lettuce”, out now on Majik Ninja Entertainment.

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