ICP’s “Loons and Goons of the Red Moon June” Patreon Schedule Announced!

I’m not even sure if Psychopathic is aware of this yet, but the ENTIRE SCHEDULE of next month Patreon PPV is now up and listed at their Crowdcast link!  There are some great ones to look forward to, and some that I am sure will be able to be attended live!

The one that I’ve got my eyes all over is the final event of the month: ICP’s Chicken Huntin’ Hootenanny Hoedown Show!  If memory serves me right (and by memory I mean an Old Faygoluvers Post), this will be an event held up in the mountains, have hillbilly wrestling, and originally they even touted that the long-awaited Bloody Brothers album would be released!   Now, that’s 7 months ago and release dates for Psychopathic are seldom stuck to, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed!  We should get our next Ultra Live Monster 5 coin as well!

Check out the full schedule here:

  • 06/02/21 – ICP’s Welcome to the Jam Exam
  • 06/05/21 – Old Ninja Olympics
  • 06/07/21 – Controversy Head On
  • 06/09/21 – The Paradox: An Infinite Discussion of Time
  • 06/12/21 – The Return of ICP Theater
  • 06/14/21 – The Great Milenko Saga
  • 06/16/21 – The Mad Professor’s Lab (Ep 2)
  • 06/19/21 – ICP’s Late Night Funhouse Talk Show (Ep 3)
  • 06/21/21 – Violent J’s Bigfoot Show
  • 06/23/21 – JCW’s Blackout Brutality
  • 06/26/21 – ICP’s Chicken Huntin’ Hootenanny Hoedown

At the time of this post, there’s no additional info on the events yet.  As soon as there is though, we’ll make sure to let you know!

If you haven’t subscribed to ICP’s Patreon to take part in these festivities yet, then what the fuck are you waiting on?  Get over to Patreon.com/InsaneClownPosse and subscribe before the first show next week!

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