Highly Anticipated A-Wax & King Iso Collabo Record “Written N Blood” Issued Cease & Desist by Travis O’Guin of Strange Music?!

We here at Faygoluvers.net have some stale underground hip-hop news to report. After debuting  at #14 and climbing to #8 on the Apple Music hip-hop charts, the highly anticipated collabo effort between lyrical fire spitter Cali Emcee A-Wax and Strange Music hip-hop behemoth King Iso, titled “Written N Blood”, was unexpectedly issued a cease and desist order. By who you ask?! According to A-Wax personally, non-other than the CEO of Strange Music INC, Travis O’Guin! We don’t know the full details as to what lead to this decision by Mr. O’Guin to halt the official  release of “Written N Blood”, but A-Wax did release a statement across social media about the random fiasco while still showing love to Tech N9ne. 

From A-Wax Across Social Media:

“The Written N Blood album has been cease and desisted by Travis O’Guin STRANGE MUSIC INC while I got nothing but respect for Tech N9ne and what he offers as an artist and a person, his business partner not so much. Not even a phone call. Just drunk with power. This is all I’m saying about it. If you got questions, direct them to Strange. And don’t let them “not responding” confuse you. They have a TEAM of social media people watching all their pages. If you aren’t happy the album got taken down, you can let them know. They will get the picture 1 way or another.”

Wow! Hopefully this gets resolved between all parties because underground fans of all types have been praising the hell outta this record all over social media. Stay tuned at Faygoluvers.net for more news regarding this dire music situation.

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