Danny “K” AE featured on Jimmy Fallon’s “Do Not Play” segment

Juggalos, I’ve been sitting on this flavor for a few days and I don’t even know why!  A ninja named John Clark hit me up with a link to a segment from “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”.  Now, why would a Juggalo site be posting about Jimmy Fallon?

Apparently they have a recurring segment called “Do Not Play” where they play the audience several tracks that they consider….ummm…subpar.  I have no idea how they got a hold of this, but the one and only Danny K was featured in the segment with the song “Track N Field”!  If you’ve been a Juggalo for long, you know the infatuation that ICP, Jumpsteady, and other notable Detroit rappers have with the mysterious artist known as Danny “K” AE.  This ninja lives in a remote part of Alaska and is next to impossible to get a hold of.

Let’s not dwell on that though, check out the segment!  (Danny’s song appears around the 2 minute mark!)

Well, it’s pretty obvious that Jimmy and his crew were HUGE fans of what they heard!

You can listen to the infamous “Track N Field” song in its entirety here:

If you don’t know anything about Danny, do yourself a favor and check out J-Webb‘s article in the Metro Times from way back in 2012: Original white boy | Local Music | Detroit | Detroit Metro Times

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