In Association With Shrunken Head Entertainment Razakel & Dieabolik the Monster Reveal Controversial Single “High School”

We here at one hundred percent do not condone any of the deadly actions that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris catastrophically inflicted during the Columbine tragedy whatsoever! But we will always embrace the wicket shit. As we are firm believers in freedom of speech, especially amongst our own underground music scene that usually consists of dark hip-hop and mosh pit metal. For today’s new music on 4;20 that’s usually about smoking the Mary Jane something quite different dropped this past afternoon. In association With Shrunken Head Entertainment, Razakel and Dieabolik the Monster have decided to unleash a highly controversial track titled “High School” in relation to the anniversary of the  Columbine Massacre that horrifyingly occurred on April 20th, 1999.  We mourn for all those who were lost/effected during any mass shooting tragedy, especially Columbine. But as stated, we are for freedom of speech, even this Shrunken Head Entertainment track. Inside “High School” Razakel and Dieabolilk have decided to enter the mind of broken souls of those whom are pushed to their very limit due to everyday bullying. For those who can stomach this type of material you can listen to “High School” below.

from Faygoluvers


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