Watch ABK’s “The Hatchet Warrior” Show Tonight for chance at Giveaway!

In just under two hours from the time I’m typing this, our homie Anybody Killa will be performing his Juggalo classic The Hatchet Warrior album in its entirety!  They have already announced that “Ghetto Neighbor” will be performed (complete with the Monoxide verse) for the first time in YEARS!  That’s worth the $13.00 price of admission alone!

To sweeten the deal, ABK announced a giveaway where you can win a grip of crazy fresh flavor!  All you have to do is purchase an ABK Meet & Greet OR a ABK Hatchet Warrior Ticket for a chance to win!  What can you win for the minimum $13.00 purchase?  Check the flyer below to see all details:

Click to purchase a ticket to ABK’s “The Hatchet Warrior” Virtual Concert

Now come on…I’ve seen some of you Psychopathic Museum ninjas throw way more than 13 bones at a waffle! Plus, you get a dope ass set by ABK to watch tonight and throughout the weekend!  Get your tickets here:

from Faygoluvers


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