Steve-O Gets his Hatchetman Tattoo!

A few weeks ago, Violent J and Steve-O spoke on the “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” Podcast.  After they spoke about some past meetings that they had, they both cleared the air about what went down and how they felt about each other.  It was a really fun conversation to watch, and you can tell that both of them are in very different places than the first few times they met.

Towards the end of the episode, Steve-O asked if he would be allowed to get a Hatchetman tattoo to show love to ICP and Juggalos in general.

First, check the full episode/interview out here:

Now on the past few episodes of Steve-O’s podcast, he has shown his forearm brandished with some new ink!  Peep those thumbnails below:

As far as I can tell, it says “Jug4 Life”.  That’s pretty dope that he now officially permanently represents Juggalos!  Hopefully he follows through and comes to the Gathering the next time we’re allowed to have it!   Also props to Tyler Reynolds for bringing that to our attention!

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