Intrinzik’s Upcoming LP “Lasers & Poison” Now Available For Preorder VIA Majik Ninja Entertainment; New INT Single “Lied To” Out Now!

Good afternoon, ninjas! We were just informed that Intrinzik’s upcoming LP “Lasers & Poison” preorder is currently a top seller through the official Majik Ninja Entertainment store! Wow! Congratulations to Intrinzik! His non-stop grinding towards success over the last decade has proved that Intrinzik is still a force to be reckoned with among the underground hip-hop scene.

With that being said, “Lasers & Poison” will officially be released Friday, February 26, 2020 with 16 brand new tracks including  special guest features from Twiztid, McNastee, Jason Cruz of Strung Out, Jason Devore of Authority Zero, and more! “Lasers & Poison” will also include a bonus CD, which will be Underground Hustlin’ 72 featuring Twiztid drummer Drayven as the main UGH 72 host! 

Please support various “Lasers & Poison” bundles at this official MNE link here:

“Lasers & Poison” Tracklist

1. Lasers and Poison
2. Dinosaurs
3. Force Fed Famine
4. Chemicals
5. Lizard Tongues
6. Heart on the Table (feat. Dienasty The Mexican Thuggalo)
7. Lied To
8. Amphetamine Suicide (feat. Jason Cruz of Strung Out)
9. Broadcast the Apocalypse
10. Losing My Mind (feat. Twiztid)
11. Built For This
12. Try to Stay Alive (feat. Jason Devore of Authority Zero & Skeptik)
13. End of the World (feat. McNastee)
14. First World Problems (feat. Krypto Man)
15. The Right Vote (feat. Bisshop & Raw-D)
16. Toy Gory 2 (feat. Blackfoot505, Nos Insidious, THC the Oddity, The H.O.F., Krypto Man, Skeptik, YDMC, N3kr0t!k, AndrewVDG, Jamie Madrox & Monoxide)

UGH72 Hosted by Drayven:

1. Intrinzik (feat. Bisshop) – 99 Pigs [Larry Love & Pagan]

2. Intrinzik (feat. Blackfoot505) – New Normal [Larry Love]

3. DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo (feat. Intrinzik, D-Crisis & Playboy The Beast) – Slay ‘Em [Larry Love]

4. The H.O.F. (feat. Jamie Madrox, Intrinzik & Boondox) – Welcome Back Home [Larry Love]

5. The Uncanny – Happy [Larry Love]

6. N3kr0t!k (feat. Jamie Madrox) – Merciless [Larry Love]

7. Atom John (feat. Intrinzik) – Demon Eyes [Larry Love]

8. Krypto Man (feat. Intrinzik) Adrenochrome [Larry Love]

9. Litvincent – Pistol on My Side [Larry Love]

10. Rigamortis (feat. DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo & Intrinzik) – Fear Porn*

11. 3rd Tripp (feat. The R.O.C. & Intrinzik) – I’m In Control [Stir Crazy]* 34:26

12. Demintid (feat. Jamie Madrox & Intrinzik) – The Reckoning [Fritz the Cat]*

13. GunSmokeRYD (feat. Boondox & Intrinzik) – Underground Proud [Stir Crazy]*

14. Masta (feat. Twisted Insane) – Twisted Lullaby

15. Flock To Murder – When I Die [Stir Crazy]

16. Mike Z – Stratified Perdition [Burt Blaze]

17. BME The Thirsty G – Locksmith

18. Sedussa (feat. Lex The Hex Master) – Duck and Run

19. Tripp Nasty (feat. ALLiTiZ & D34dguy) – Legacy [TosuawBeats]

20. Ground Zero (feat. King Gordy & OZ the Hitmaker) – Back

21. Mot Mind – For No Reason

22. M.Welkin (feat. Intrinzik) – Capture Your Life*

23. White Marley (feat. Jamie Madrox) – Let’s Be Blowin’

24. VOID (feat. A Gutta) – On a Roll

25. D-Day & Ray – When the Beat Knocks

26. SpAz the Wicked (feat. Stevie Stone) – Close the Drapes

Now enjoy this brand new Intrinzik lyrical video for his  “Lasers & Poison” track “Lied To” below! Support UGH here:

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