Fake Artist Page Alert! Fake Twiztid Account Claiming To Give Away 5 Grand?!

Good morning, ninjas! And happy Juggalo Day! With that being said, we have some stale news to report. Someone has made a fake Twiztid page across social media and it is trying to claim they’re giving away 5 grand in prizes. So here is an official statement from Jamie Madrox regarding the wack situation with Jamie stating MNE will give away a real prize to one random person.

“Another fake ass profile trying to be us. . . if we wanna give away gifts we do it right muthafuckin’ here. Don’t accept their requests or send them anything. Fuck em. . .they cant even spell gifts right.

P.S. comment below and ima pick one random person to score a free prize pack from US right fuckin here at MNE!!
See yall at 2 for the G Damn Pod!!”
LINK TO THE OFFICIAL JAMIE MADROX POST REGARDING THE FAKE TWIZTID PROFILE: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=270400471118673&set=a.250750209750366
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'TFW LTE 9:55 AM 95% < Twlztld Giffts the brand new album from TWRU reve MNESTa Twlztld Giffts (Official account Twiztid) Follow Me Giving $5,000. Presents To People In Need! Sent you a friend request Respond See Twlztld's About Info'

from Faygoluvers


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