C Daddy Sickness of Enasnimi Passes Away

A heavy dosage of staleness recently impacted the underground music scene. C Daddy Sickness, one half of the duo Enasnimi, passed away earlier today. He was previously locked into a coma over the past several weeks, until the news broke about his death today.

C Daddy Sickness (real name Charlie Woodward) was involved in the music scene for over a decade prior to his passing, mainly as a member of Enasnimi next to his brother Rellik. Their latest mixtape was released in 2019, titled The Purge. They had a long tenure on the scene, as they played live alongside other artists such as DJ Clay, Axe Murder Boyz, Anybody Killa, Lyte, and many others. They also had made official appearances at The Gathering as well. In the studio, Enasnimi collaborated with numerous acts, such as Bloodstepp, Project Born, Mars, and more.

Everyone here at Faygoluvers is saddened by the loss of such a creative individual, and we extend our condolences to his family and friends. You can look back at C Daddy Sickness’ career via visiting Enasnimi’s official Facebook page or by checking out their last release.

As a quick tribute, I wanted to share something from the past. I watched Enasnimi perform for the first time back in 2014 while in Cleveland. My review of the show was published merely a few months after officially joining FLH. I had written this at the time:

After him was the duo of Enasnimi. The two dudes with dreads exploded onto the scene and was very talented. Although one of the two members (I’m not familiar with the names) attempted to sing in a high-pitched voice, they still sounded pretty good. I liked their low-tone style and towards the end they did an acappella with basically the beat of the mic. They also did their own renditions of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, which sounded unique.

Sadly, I never got the chance to formally meet them afterwards. R.I.P.

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