Blaze Ya Dead Homie – 1 Less G Era Interview **2021 Faygoluvers Exclusive**

Blaze Ya Dead Homie sits down with Faygoluvers’ own Scottie D to discuss his music career from his humble beginnings all the way up to the One Less G N Tha Hood era which was released in 2001 on Psychopathic Records. To give you a glimpse into what was going on before and during the recording of the album, we discussed: – Blaze’s earliest rap experience – Linking up with Skrapz to form 2 Krazy Devils / Sleepwalkers – His name changes before settling on “Blaze” – Recording at the ROC’s home studio – Blaze’s first exposure to Juggalos – Playing the first Gathering of the Juggalos – Changing from the pantyhose mask look to face paint – Recording process for Dumpin – Developing the Blaze Ya Dead Homie character after iterations of “Blaze” such as “The Butane Magician” – Paying his dues on the road with Psychopathic – The recording process for Dark Lotus – His thoughts on adding Marz to Dark Lotus – Bringing out ABK as a hype man and their continued relationship – Recording with Mike P, Fritz – Releasing 1 Less G N Tha Hood and how it was received Juggalos….I’m telling you we went through a TON of info and Blaze was an open book! Make sure you check this out in its entirety!


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