Punk Rock Vigilante Emcee Daniel Jordan Announces Next LP “Dark Night of the Soul”!

The punk rock vigilante emcee known around the globe as Daniel Jordan (Reel Life Productions Alumni) recently revealed to his die hard fanbase that his next LP will be titled “Dark Night of the Soul” and it will be released sometime in March of this year. No mention of a preorder date yet, but we were personally told by Daniel Jordan that “Dark Night of the Soul” is “The darkest album he’s  ever done by far.”


And today we here at Faygoluvers.net are proud are proud to report that Daniel Jordan has decided to debut his the first single from “Dark Night of the Soul” titled “Death of Michael Corleone” through Spotify! Even more fresh is the fact Daniel Jordan decided to awesomely give us exclusive details behind the newly released track too!

From Daniel Jordan Personally:

“The song “Death of Michael Corleone” is about a spiritual fall from grace. Michael Corleone is at the height of his power and wealth and has the arrogance to believe he can buy his way into heaven by giving the Vatican a half billion. The deal he makes with the Vatican is going to make him the most wealthy and powerful man in the world. He believes he can be redeemed but it’s far too late, he’s done too much. It all blows up in his face and he’s forced to suffer. Watching everyone around him die while he hast to stay alive alone and broken in solitude forever thinking about his misdeeds. I tried to capture that feeling because we have all felt that way at one time or another, more so now than ever. This last year has definitely made me have to sit alone in my thoughts and think about my wrong doings over and over again which is a punishment worse than death. I got inspired for this song by the movie The Godfather three. The most misunderstood chapter of the Godfather trilogy. I got something different out of it than most people may have on the surface. People get so caught up in the “bad acting” of Sofia Coppola, or the writing of the script that they missed the point of it.”

So what are you waiting for?! Peep “Death of Michael Corleone” at the Spotify link below!

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