King 810 Frontman David Gunn Was Contacted By Feds For Filming Music Video At Capitol Insurrection

This evening  rumors began to swirl around the internet as to why David Gunn of King 810 was spotted on site at the United States Capitol during last weeks deadly insurrection. The truth came about rather quickly. Gunn was simply on the side lines  filming a brand music video while witnessing the chaos unfold among angry Trump supporters, corrupt police, and dangerous Congressmen. He never participated in any of the violence. But he was still contacted by the Feds  So here is the official statement David Gunn put out across social media in regards to explaining his appearance at the U.S.  Capitol last week.

David Gunn Across Social Media:

“Dear internet cucks,

“I admit this is me on the steps of the capital building filming our next video. I’m the singer of the most hated band in America… where else would I be ?

“Sorry to disappoint everyone but I cannot also admit to being a racist, bigot, homophobe, sexist, fascist, alt right (or whatever you whack jobs are on this week) etc. etc.

“I appreciate the compliments on my jacket however it is not for sale (although our new album is)…

“I was not trying to keep this under wraps. As you can see I’m swagged the fuck out with no mask in front of 100 cameras because I’m doing nothing wrong. The Feds have phoned me already and there isn’t a single image of me “rioting” or going inside the building. I’m not as dumb as my hair style suggests.

“I couldn’t care less if you stop following me or stop listening to my music because I never cared to begin with. (see red queen)”

As reported by Metal Injection: 

“In a 2016 video, Gunn said he wasn’t voting for either Clinton or Trump saying “I’m not voting this election, but it has nothing to do with candidates. I’ve never voted, I’ve never participated in a presidential election in my life, I’d don’t plan to, it’s not something I’m ashamed of. When everyone was saying ‘rock the vote’ I was, and still am, saying ‘fuck the vote.’ It’s a joke. Assuming that our votes are tallied up and that we decide who the president is, is naïve, and anyone with any knowledge of the political system knows that this is not how things work…”

No word yet on if the music video filmed will be for King 810 or Yavid. But we here at have nothing but  mad respect for King 810 and we support Mr. Gunn for filming the truth. We also salute all the journalist for risking their lives to document this fucked up moment in America today. The world needs to see the truth! Racism needs to be defeated for good!

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