J Payne – “The Silence Of The Lames”

Download J Payne’s The Silence Of The Lames: J Payne – TSOTL (mediafire.com)

  1. The Silence of the Lames
  2. The Come Up
  3. Black Sheep
  4. Nutthouse Crazy (ft. G Nutty)
  5. Pig Pen
  6. Do They Really Want It
  7. The Lion & The Lamb (ft. JAS)
  8. Sheep Among Wolves
  9. Lost & Misled (ft. Brandy Payne)
  10. Hush
  11. God of Creation
  12. Counting Sheep
  13. Sheep’s Clothing
  14. Good Shepherd (Ft. Toney Dabney, Emily Leshman, Brandy Payne, Rachel Payne, Ashley Potts)
  15. H.A.M.M. (ft. Duality, Excalibar, Blizz, Psalm & J-Ro)
  16. Don’t Waste Your Purpose (short sermon)

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