Dj Clay Interviewed By JDirty On Scrub Hop Talk

What’s up juggalos and lettes? Caligreen here once again on Faygoluvers bringing you that underground freshness! So recently, the scrub hop king, JDirty, conducted an insightful interview with Dj Clay on his show, “Scrub Hop Talk”. First of all, I have to say this is one of the better interviews I’ve seen with Clay in what fells like a long ass time! In this interview Clay talks about his new hot sauce, making his first mixtape at 11, how he met Rude Boy, discovering ICP during Riddle Box era, the wear his equipment takes from Faygo, and a lot more! If you’re a true die hard interested in learning a few things you may not already know, then this interview is for you!

from Faygoluvers


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