Boondox – “Demons At My Door” (ft. David Ray & Hard Target) [Official Lyric Video]

Boondox ft. David Ray & Hard Target – Demons At My Door (Official Lyric Video)


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Written by Boondox, David Ray, & Hard Target
Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers

Lyric Video by The Danger Within

Thorazine quarantine this a horror scene
Whispers in my ears so many times I’m not ignoring things
Steppin out the shadows like an 80s horror villain
Freddy Krueger Micheal Jason representin how I’m feeling
Like a Monsta Demons I believe in what I’m seein
They been conjured up and it ain’t even Halloween
Call me a doctor I need a shot of something stat
Cause I think that where I’m headed I ain’t ever comin back
Jack Skeletons in my closet got me sweatin like a Peloton
Yeah I think that I done lost it all the dirt that I been doing finally left a stain
Now I’m forever haunted by tha ghost inside my brain

I can no longer hide from the man that I’ve become
Only darkness no bright side being hopelessly numb
Ive been running from my feelings knowing someday I would see them and here they come
skeletons in my closet demons at my door
skeletons in my closet demons at my door
lately I feel like the walls are closing in
I talk to the voices that never leave my head

I’m conversatin’ with the devil
He says he sees my potential
Every conversation’s level
until I pick up the shovel
In my heart I’m feeling vengeance
I cant help but feel resentful
My temper is temperamental
I’m prayin’ you get the memo
I am pissed off
Saint Bernard I am a big dog
So watch ya mouth
or ya mammy is gettin hip tossed
I got a 40 with some bald heads Rick Ross
For all you bitches in your skinny jeans and lip gloss
Bitch I’m a pit boss
Smoke em get they ribs sauced
Tell me what’s a blade doin jigsaw
That shotty short you on some change
You gettin ripped off
It have you walking all kinds of funny
The party ain’t even kicked off

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