MNE’s New Artist Gibby Stites Interviewed by UGHH Blog!

Majik Ninja Entertainment’s newest signee Gibby Stites just sat down for an interview with Underground Hip Hop Blog!  They asked him a few questions including some about his upbringing, his influences, his very recent signing with MNE, working directly with Jamie Madrox to record his upcoming EP, and gives some great advice to artists trying to get their name out there.

Check out his response about signing with MNE below.


You recently just signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment. How did that come about?

Maaaaaan now that’s a long story. Bare with me. I’ve wanted to be an MNE artist since before the label was even announced. I couldn’t wait for Twiztid to announce their own imprint. I was about 18 or so when they did & I never sent demos in or anything like that. Mostly because I knew I wasn’t “there” yet skill wise. The other reason would eat at me more however. Honestly for a long time, I didn’t think I would get accepted or respected in the wicked underground scene because I’m not a horrorcore artist. My music can be dark, but from reality. Anyway for a long ass time I focused on just getting better at my craft. Just trial & error. Writing, recording, mixing, releasing & promoting for years. Trying different styles, making sure I always have fun with it. Every single day since age 14. Fast forward to one day in early 2019, I randomly entered the MNE Beats contest hosted by Godsynth where I came in 2nd place. Shoutout to that man for being the FIRST person in this scene to really give me an opportunity and tell the haters “Gibby is dope, wtf you mean???” I think that gave me the confidence boost & mentality that my shit was finally good enough to really stand out amongst a crowd (I always knew it would happen one day) & that I COULD get respected in the underground scene without changing my style. That same summer/fall, I was doing a gang of shows & cyphers on the east coast already & decided every chance I got I would put myself on George & MNE’s radar. I opened for Boondox in Trenton, NJ. I opened for Twiztid a couple times on the 2019 Everyday is Halloween tour & got a chance to meet them briefly at one of the shows. I asked the guys to sign my arm so I could get it tatted after the show. I fanned out for a minute & told them when they see me performing I wanted them to know they inspired that. I thanked them for all the music they’ve made & for going out on their own and starting their own label. When I was leaving, I was shocked to hear Jamie say something to the effect of “Yo Gibby! Keep doing what you’re doing man, that shit is dope!” He followed me on IG that night & proceeded to keep up everything I posted after that. The relationship just kept growing from there. I got Jamie & Blaze both on songs for my independent releaseRegularly Scheduled Programming. I was contacted to do a performance forNetfest on Your Couch. Me & Redd made a dope ass track called “Gameboy Advance” for his album, which is awesome because we met back at that Boondox show in Trenton & instantly thought he was a cool ass dude on top being an amazing performer. Little did I know, Jamie was paying close attention to all this & the man himself called me one day like “Yo I’ve never really done this before, but I want to take you under my wing as a protege”. I told him not to be corny, but that’s a dream come true & that basically leads us to the creation ofThe 13th WonderEP.

You can read the entire interview and get to know more about Gibby here: Q&A With Majik Ninja Entertainment’s Newest Signee Gibby Stites | UndergroundHipHopBlog

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