Is a virtual Juggalo Day for 2021 In Our Future?

Juggalos…2020 is almost over.  We’re within two days of getting through this shit show of a year.  Unfortunately, the effects of the ‘Rona continue to give everyone the bone.  I hope that you’re all enjoying the Patreon shows that ICP has been putting out for both this month and October though!

On the latest Patreon episode, J, Shaggy, and Jumpsteady revealed that the Patreon PPV specials would continue starting in February 2021!  While I’m hype to hear that, it also all but seals the fate of Juggalo Day for this year.  Juggalo Day, which falls on February 17th every year, would have taken place the weekend before or after that Wednesday.  With Covid-19 cases still surging and the vaccine only just being released, the chances of seeing the Wicked Clowns perform live that soon are grim.

Even with that stale bit of info, let’s look on the bright side!  We’ll get over a dozen new shows, and likely a virtual concert of Juggalo Day!

Peep the announcement below:

As they stated, the Zen of LoveJuggalo Night Court, late night talk show, and more will be returning along with all new flavor!

If you are already a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything!  Just stay subscribed and it won’t bill you for January…it’ll just pick back up in February.  If you AREN’T a subscriber, you can do so by going to!

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