ICP’s Hella Fresh Holidays: The Clown Cookoff Show Happens Tomorrow!

Who’s ready for a brand new month of Wicked Clown flavor?  It’s already December, and tomorrow starts a FULL MONTH of shows and podcasts that you can access via the Insane Clown Posse Patreon!

If you didn’t unsubscribe, you were probably charged the $66.50 (+tax) today, and with that purchase you’ll get to view over a dozen exclusive shows including Big Ballas all being broadcast from Violent J‘s house!

Tomorrow night at 9 PM EST, we’ll get our first show which is the Clown Cookoff Show!  All we’ve been given is the following info:

Tomorrow night at 9pm EST we kick off ICP’s HELLA FRESH HOLIDAYS!! Watch as Shaggy 2 Dope, Jumpsteady and Violent J go head to head to head in the ultimate cooking competition! Sign up atpatreon.com/insaneclownposse

You’ve got the info and you’ve got the link…don’t sleep on these shows!

Click to purchase ICP’s Patreon!

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