REMINDER! Lo Key’s (Mission Infect) New Genre Bending Record “The Eyes of Parasuva” Is Available Now!

The masked underground hip-hop legend known all over the globe as Lo Key (Mission Infect) just recently unleashed his new genre bending experimental rock record “The Eyes of Parasuva” . Its production will take music fans of all types on one hell of a music journey unlike any record before! And that’s due to The Eyes of Parasuva’s experimental sounds of originality that pushes Lo Key through new underground musical trenches to once again reclaim his throne as the permanent masked king of the underground!

Official Statement From Lo Key Regarding “The Eyes of Parasuva”:

“Response has been awesome. I was expecting a lot of people to shit on this project because it’s not rap at all, and it’s so so different. And I’ll be honest, it was a little hard to put myself out there, as is with anything that is really different – as it leaves you vulnerable for people to attack you. But it’s been all love from top to bottom.

I am determined to get these 12 projects to life, hell or high water – and do them the justice they deserve. Thank you, yes you, for joining me on this crazy adventure through music. And to everyone else, don’t worry I’m not done rapping 😉 Stay tuned!”

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