Q-Strange Does Not Authorize His Return! “From The Underground” Was Already Released in 2004!

So a few days back we mistakenly reported that Q-Strange was coming back with a new single. We were told that there was a new QStrange.com domain. This led die hard Q-Strange fans to what looked to be authorized re-released classic Q-Strange merchandise available for purchase . It also linked to most of Q-Strange’s discography. Most of Q’s discography was also back up on Youtube through Epicenter Online.  Not to mention there’s still a tombstone flyer going around through out all the underground pages that falsely claims Q-Strange is supposed to release a brand new single titled “Under the Ground” tomorrow on Black Friday. This is actually not a new track at all. Several of our readers messaged us to let us know that “Under the Ground” was actually released back in 2004 at a local Q-Strange show via a compilation titled New And Rare Shit”.  That whole compilation  is still streaming on LAST FM.

Proof here:  https://www.last.fm/music/Q+Strange/New+And+Rare+S

Now Q-Strange has come out of the underground shadows just to make a statement across social media from his own personal account that he has nothing to do with his comeback and someone is posing as him.

Statement From Q-Strange Himself:

No description available.

“Someone online is trying to pass off scrapped songs from 20 years ago as “new” QStrange. Music. I just want to clarify that I have nothing to do with it, and I have no new material in the works. Anybody that says otherwise is lying. Sincerely, Q”

With that being said. We do super apologize to all the Q-Strange fans for being led into a lie and stupidly reporting what we thought to be true. Please do not support these unauthorized Q-Strange re-releases at the unauthorized QStrange.com domain or any of the faux Q-Strange merch. One day Q-Strange might return on his own. Until then bump this Underground Avengers “God Particle” track featuring Q-Strange!


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