New Dates for Astronomicon 4 Announced! New Venue Details Coming Soon!

It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m sure some of you are having a hard time figuring out what to be thankful for after a year of staleness.  One thing that I know we all miss are LIVE EVENTS.  While the future of concerts is uncertain, we got some news about an annual event that thousands of Juggalos and Juggalettes have attended since it started 4 years ago.  I’m talking about Astronomicon which is put on by our homies at Majik Ninja Entertainment!

The first 3 of these were held in Metro Detroit in February.  In 2021, Astronomicon 4 will be a summer event! Mark your calendars for August 20-22, 2021 and start planning your trip to Michigan!

The venue will be changing from the Wyndham Garden as well. While the new venue hasn’t been announced just yet, it will be soon. Check the official announcement from the Astronomicon FB.

From Astronomicon @ Facebook:


We apologize for the delay in news, but as many of you can imagine trying to plan an event in these crazy times is borderline impossible. With the always changing climate surrounding covid-19 and the ever changing restrictions we face here in Michigan there is no way we can attempt to make Astronomicon 4 Happen in February 2021.

We have decided to move our dates to August 20-22, 2021.

We have also decided to move to a new venue!! So as we say so long to the Wyndham Garden Sterling Heights which has been our home for the first three years we look forward to sharing amazing experiences in a new location. If you had a room booked at the Wyndham Garden Sterling Heights for 2021’s event and you booked it directly though the hotel, your reservation has already been cancelled so there is no need to call the hotel or email them as they are aware we are moving to a new venue and have taken care of that for us. If you booked through a third party booking site like or something then you may want to contact them.

We have not yet announced the new venue which is still in Michigan so nothing to worry about there, but rest assured we are working hard to still have a great event in 2021 and more info will be available soon!!!

We want you to know we are THANKFUL for YOU!! We hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday this weekend and know we cant wait to see you August 20-22, 2021!!

I know that I’m ready to get back to normal, so planning a trip out of town is a great start!  Hope to see you all there!

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