kCaveMen – “Death From Above” [Official Music Video]

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Formed in the stone age and frozen by the ice age, then slowly defrosted into the new world. KCAVEMEN are an Australian band founded in 2005 and based in Adelaide, South Australia. They perform a style of Experimental Metal known as Shock Rock mixed with comedy themes and skits. After their debut studio album “Gondwanaland” was released in 2010, the band went back on ice, but now the band is back for their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and screaming louder than ever, as the apocalypse is here! Prepare for the next ICE AGE!

Video clip produced by: Strongman Pictures, Australia – Directed by Daniel Armstrong – Photography by Rom Anthonis.



Death from above
Death from above
Death from a

Feeling like i lack emotion
Days are black
I’m cold and frozen
Everything I earn is stolen
Slowly all my bones are broken

I fail to process
I never progress
My world is all stress
I need to digest

i’m drinking blood
and feasting on your death bed
I curl in caves and wonder
what i witness

I fight to death over nothing
club a bitch
shit on her face in a cave rave

roll in the mud
wash away all the blood stains
nail and bail
and then i think, it’s a good day

hunting a beast and rip a part
what is inside
filling my belly with
dead body spaghetti

I feel like an alpha
king of the corpses
and i look to the sky
what the fuck is that though?

Death from above
Death from above

is dark and black
Bodies burning
people screaming
and vultures turning
grabbing taking
all they can

till theres nothing
left for taking
nothing left
just fire burning

take a breath
i feel like death
is here approaching now

a haunting whistle
screams across the sky

death from above

between all of the violence
death, screams
are all so inviting

monsters that i can not out run
creeping out for death in the pitch back
i’m not falling down for this one
i’ma keep on cutting til the last one

suffocating waiting by the fish pond
feeding on the death of the last ones
got my frozen holes with my penguins
gonna kill a mammoth and a big foot, dead

death from above

terrified of tomorrow
of what falls, upon me.


KCAVEMEN is produced by KidCrusher & Todd Hansen (King Parrot / The Berzerker)

from Faygoluvers


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