Caskey – “McQueen Fiend” (ft. Yelawolf) [Official Lyric Video]


Got it out the mud
They caught my hands red but
That’s because they’re covered in the blood
Of my enemies
They sucking up my energy enough
Yeah this gun light but it’s gonna heavily erupt
Ima gods child but my bank like a Rothschild
They see the balance probably wonder why I’m hostile
They hear the verse and can’t believe that it’s a freestyle
I freed myself from selling powder grams and weed piles
I don’t cease fire
I shoot until they retire
Raise the bar again and make em reach higher
I son a rapper every time I let a beat expire
I’m beating down the door for everything that we desire
I’m in the house and doing Kush ups
You wanna see a star? Well then come and look at me
You don’t look up
I’m plugged in it’s effortless for me to get the hook up
And just as effortless for me and YELAWOLF to cook up
Ima McQueen fiend I never turn on the team
I turned the TV off to turn up my own dreams
I turn the book of fate
I’m burning it at the seams
And I look nice but everything ain’t what it seems

I’m lit I’m off lean
I’m gone get so rich I tip my offspring
I went from down bad and fits with tall T’s
To whips thats so fast I can’t control speed
You can’t control me
I’m moving thru the city at my own speed
Man I heard that you was hating on the new ride
You just mad I ain’t the old me

Oh me, ooo wee
Yeah fuckin with the old me
Old me was a killer now I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi
Took off on that chopper with your girl in open toes
Had her screaming in the orange grove yellin at the OG
Oh gee, too much product on the table
Had to delegate the weight
Left a couple out disabled
Couldn’t keep up with the hustle
Shouldn’t run out with the players
On the court with all them ballers with the hand to rock the cradle
Sleepin on me keep em quiet never wake em
When this heavy wind is blowing they retire I replace em
The fallen leaves up under me they pile up when I break em
I burn em like a chief
C’est la vie I do not save em
Put in work
Especially for those who in the earth
When I pass the torch I want my life to be deserved
Therefor when I offer up my time don’t go blind
Wear your aviators for the radiation of my purge
I’m a star
The god son, the god son
In that box son
Not a Datsun
Get it right
Ima star
The odd one with the rock one
Now my clock spun backwards in time
Jim Morrison a star
Chrome on the dirty car
And I wouldn’t give a hater porridge in a dirty jar
But I give a prayer to Allah
And if Jesus wanna save you he can do it when I’m off
Kanye got em busy
And I’m sweeping up the halls
On the clock with every angel that’s available to brawl
Do your job
The gate is opened up who got a sword?
You got an automatic and I got a mic chord
Do your job
Slumerican you fuckin with the mob
Drop a million in the bank before the private plane take off
I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t real that ain’t the cause
That’s cause and effect
Success no applause
That’s Forbes magazine creek water no pause
Just red light runnin
Elohim, green god
I’m an alien

from Faygoluvers


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