Twiztid Announces “Disturbed & Unheard” Album Featuring Unreleased Tracks From Freek Show Era + Digital Experience!

If you follow the Demented Duo on social media as we do, and you’ve checked out their page in the past hour or so, you’ll see that they’ve announced some very, very dope Twiztid news. They’re sophomore album Freek Show is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year and they’re planning a celebration, bitches!

First of all, they’ll be performing they’re entire Freek Show album live and broadcasting it across the interwebs! This digital experience is titled “Welcome To The Freek Show” and begins on October 30th (Devil’s night) at 7:00pm ET. After that, Video On Demand will be available until November 2nd at 7:00pm ET.

How do you watch this live, Welcome To The Freek Show experience you ask? Click HERE and purchase the access for $13, yo!

You can also click HERE and check out the different bundles they have available. These include access to the show along with t-shirts, posters, jerseys, and a cassette of unreleased tracks recorded during the Freek Show era.

“Wait, what the fuck did he just say?”

I said a cassette of unreleased tracks recorded during the Freek Show era! This compilation album is titled Freek Show: Disturbed & Unheard and is limited to only 100 copies! Pick that up by clicking HERE.

Click to order

If it’s sold out by the time you hit that link, well, you missed out on some freshness, homie, but no fear! The album will also be released on CD at a later date along with some more devastating news!

Some tracks on the release include:

Leave Me Along (Toilet $ Mix)

Bad Luck Magnet feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Bagz (Vampirate Mix)

A track featuring the one and only, Legz Diamond!

Check out the post below.

🚨 Fritz The Cat dug super deep into the Twiztid vault and found some unreleased gems from the #FreekShow era. We titled…

Posted by Twiztid on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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