Insane Clown Posse interviewed by J-Webb for SPIN Magazine!

We are 20 years removed from ICP’s “Fuck The World” track off of The Amazing Jeckel Brothers to which they exclaim:

Fuck SPIN, Rolling Stone, and fuck Vibe! Fuck everybody inside! Whoever’s on the cover, fuck his mother…

You know the rest.  Well it seems that time does heal all wounds because the Wicked Clowns have a brand new interview at, and it’s conducted by journalist, and former Psychopathic Records publicist: Jason Webber aka J-Webb!

J-Webb talks to J and Shaggy about how much has changed for them during Covid, what they are doing to stay busy (5th Joker’s Card of 2nd Deck!!!), upcoming virtual events, the old beef with Eminem and how Proof helped squash it, and so much more!  Check out this excerpt below.


We meet up in Violent J’s home studio, located way out in the outskirts of Metro Detroit, where J is sitting with Ryan Gibson, better known as Str8jaket, Psychopathic Records’ in-house producer. Together they’re working on a song from the upcoming fifth Joker’s Card of the Second Deck. (Most ICP albums revolve around characters like “The Ringmaster” and “Fearless Fred Fury” and are referred to as “Joker’s Cards.” And, no, Juggalos, I did not find out the name of the Joker’s Card. Sorry. I did try, though.)

I can attest by the small sampling that I got in the studio that day that the upcoming Joker’s Card features that deep Dark Carnival wicked shit funk that inspired generations of Juggalos to paint their faces, throw or otherwise enjoy Faygo and, most importantly, look out for one another. We adjourn to Violent J’s den, which is packed with wrestling memorabilia — a man-cave befitting an artist who spent his youth trying to meet wrestlers at the stadiums in Detroit.

There’s lots more to the article that you should peep.  Read the whole thing here:

Props to J-Webb for the interview!  Don’t forget that he just released a new book called Purple Bananas which you can get here:

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