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Whaddup Juggalos?

As many of you know, in September 2015, Juggalo homie, MC, GOTJ Psypher winner, battle rap champion, and Hero Thomas “Cannibal” Cottingham laid down his life to protect a woman an her child who were being attacked by a mugger in Wilmington, Delaware. The incident happened in Rodney Square in the downtown area of the city.

Cannibal gave his life to protect the innocent and was hailed as a hero nationwide for his efforts. He was mourned and heralded by the Juggalo Family. His ultimate sacrifice was a grave loss for our community but shone the bright light of an exemplary display of the absolute best part of humanity amid all the tragedy. He is our beloved brother, Juggalo angel, and for many a patron saint of our Family.

Amid the nationwide uprising in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and countless others at the hands of racism and unchecked law enforcement, many cities are rethinking certain monuments and statues that represent and celebrate a soiled history of oppression and colonialism.

Rodney Square, where Cannibal gave the ultimate sacrifice, has come under fire in the wake of this transition. It has seen its colonialist statue removed, and the city is considering changing the name of the area, so to cease any glorification of the horrible and bloody history of colonization.

It is time for REAL heroes to be represented. There is a petition to rename Rodney Square as “Cottingham Square”–after Cannibal. There is already a bench and small memorial area in the square to memorialize the amazing sacrifice of Cannibal on that fateful September night. However, we now have a chance to see the entire park named after the wild skateboarding Juggalo with a heart of gold who spent so much time there, where he ultimately transitioned to Shangri-La

Juggalos: This is a chance to set things right and rename a public space in Delaware after a true hero. A Juggalo hero.

Sign the petition today, share, and make some noise. For Cannibal. In his memory. That he might forever be immortalized for his selfless and incredible spirit in life and the afterlife. A light in this world:

Dark Carnival blessings now and always.

Whoop whoop!

from Faygoluvers


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