Coverage of the Minneapolis Riots

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Everyone world wide! It’s your boy BeZerkaveli, and I’m back from the darkness to witness a very important part of history. I figured if I was going to witness this, I’d take you guys with me.

As we all know, George Floyd was unjustly murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department. A department that has a long history of police brutality and racial prejudices. They have the district attorney in their pocket, so they go completely unpunished for their actions. Mr. Floyd was unfortunately a victim to a narcissist psychopath cop who knew all the powers would help him get away with murder. He forgot though the power of people; especially in the digital age.

I Can't Breathe and Black Lives Matter Signs

I Can’t Breathe and Black Lives Matter Signs

From that outrage birthed a mixed sense of emotions across the nation. Suddenly, Minneapolis began burning. Meanwhile, the president was upset about being fact checked on Twitter, the people had enough and took their anger to the streets to send a message. Twitter fingers could only focus on himself, then he attacked Minneapolis mayor instead of addressing the issue. Regardless of political stance; that’s a shameful act of arrogance for someone in high office.

Anyway, by the time I made it down there, the people had already burned the precinct, AutoZone, Wendy’s, Minnehaha Lake Wine and Liquors, and so much more. Target had been looted after refusing to sell needed supplies to protesters being tear gassed. It was intense.

Fuck the Police

Fuck the Police

We started downtown actually. Miles away from the actual site. Downtown Minneapolis was boarded up everywhere. Bus stations for Metro Transit were destroyed. My old company MVTA still had their bus station safe somehow. Apparently people are reminding MTC that they’re dick heads.

Civil War on Lake Street

Civil War on Lake Street

We walked across a bridge before heading back then heading to the 3rd precinct. We parked about 3 blocks away, and we noticed burning. We were actually being tear gassed in our own car before arriving to the protests. Blocks away too mind you. Imagine all the children and animals in the area. Shit was intense.

It’s around that point you see me actually get into the thick of things. I used to live in Minneapolis, but never really spent time in that area. Once I got to Lake and Minnehaha, you can just see the destruction. People were willingly walking into tear gas. Throwing them back at the police. They showed their might in numbers, and honestly, the police were scared. They knew at any moment, they could be overrun by pure numbers alone.

Tear Gassed

Tear Gassed

Tear Gassed Part 2

Tear Gassed Part 2

The protesters were peaceful there. I only saw one person looting a mannequin. I found that actually pretty funny. I had to cut my film there actually, so you might notice a funny glitch.

Random Ass

Random Asshole at the 3rd Precinct.

After getting all the way to the front with a few brave few, I had to go home. I have family that was worried, so I had to pull out better than I do in bed. I got completely up into it all for you guys. This was no joke.

This Is Not A Riot, This Is a Revolution

This is not a riot, this is a revolution

I did this to document history in the making. I hope George Floyd’s death brings a change to society for the better. No man should have his life choked out of him with literally no mercy shown to him. Especially by the people entrusted to protect and serve. We the people should also not be subjected to seeing those same powers use those powers to allow others not to take accountability for their actions.

The officer who killed George Floyd is just a killer with a badge. The other 3 are no different. Following the superior officer even knowing what’s going on is wrong. This is the world we live in. Where the police literally know they can get away with murder.

Boarded Up Buildings

Building Boarded Up To Protect From Looters

I hope you guys enjoy. They will soon lock down and disperse all protests, so here you guys can see it first hand before all our freedoms are eliminated. Good luck juggalos. Stay safe. Stay free




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