Twiztid Quarantine Movie Review: THE FIRST POWER

The homie Jamie Madrox, is at again with another movie review for Dread Central .  I’m certainly loving the fact that our favorite entertainers all over the world are using this slow down to find ways to express their passions. As we all know, Twiztid are big horror fans, so it’s no surprise to see them doing horror movie reviews. Check out the review below:

jAMIE from Twiztid here! This week’s “Quarantine Movie Review” comes in the form of 1990’s The First Power, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Tracy Griffith & Jeff Kober. This movie is beyond slept on and never even heard of in some circles. Have you seen it? I’m guessing not, but hopefully, after this QMR it’ll get some more well-deserved recognition. When most people think of LDP they think of La Bamba or Young Guns–wholesome biopics and action flicks, not horror! Well, if more people had seen The First Power I’m sure Mr. Phillips would have been cast in more supernatural movies.

As usual, here’s my attempt at a Spoiler-Free plot synopsis of the film (no promises!)…

LDP plays Logan, a super cool 90s cop who wears street clothes; you know common everyday stuff like duster jackets, silk slacks and cowboy boots, so as to more easily blend in with the ruff & tuff streets. “The Pentagram Killer” and his ritual slayings have been in the news and he needs to be stopped–and I think you already know the only set of cowboy boots determined enough to do it! While hunting the pentagram killer, Logan gets some anonymous calls from a powerful psychic alluding to the killer’s possible whereabouts and warns Logan that, if caught, The Pentagram Killer should NOT be executed!

Completely breaking his promise,  The Pentagram Killer is caught, tried, and sentenced to death by gas chamber–and that’s when shit really starts turning up!

Jeff Kober should have received a Nightmare Award for his portrayal of Patrick Channing (aka The Pentagram Killer). His mannerisms are mesmerizing at times and his actual face is scarier than the false face mask he’s seen wearing throughout the movie.

Say what you will of this movie but if you enjoy supernatural crime dramas in the vein of 1998’s Fallen & 2014’s Deliver Us From Evil then give The First Power a try. Also, Jason Blum if you’re reading this, this movie would be an amazing reboot!

Till next time, stay safe, stay entertained and wash them G-damn hands.

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