Tech N9ne Unleashes New Enigmatic LP “ENTERFEAR”!

What up fellow  Juggalo technicians?! The Kansas City Strange Music King known as Techn9ne Worldwide just dropped his  22nd release today!  And that’s the new enigmatic style LP “ENTERFEAR”!“ENTERFEAR” contains an intro and 19 tracks of pure independent hip-hop flavor and its unique lyrical  mysteriousness is bound to take over the Billboard charts very soon.  Hot damn does it bang!

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From Strange Music Personally:


Dive into uncharted waters with Tech N9ne’s newest release ENTERFEAR

Let Tech show you the way as he points you to his fears on his newest album, a collection of songs that includes “Look What I Did”, “Angel Baby” and “Outdone”, along with features like Merkules, Krizz Kaliko, Flatbush Zombies, King Iso and more! Never one to avoid the introspective, ENTERFEAR definitely continues that trend as Tech N9ne takes you on a musical expedition into the inner-workings of himself.”


Just Die? (Intro 1)
2 Tech N9ne — Suckseed (Intro 2) Ft. King Iso & Krizz Kaliko
4 Tech N9ne — Look What I Did Ft. Flatbush Zombies & Jehry Robinson
5 Tech N9ne — Yeah No! Ft. Mackenzie Nicole
6 Tech N9ne — Dr. Sebagh Ft. Landxn Fyre
7 Tech N9ne — Question Mark This! Ft. Krizz Kaliko & Lex Bratcher
8 Tech N9ne — Snake and the Batman / Story Time (Skit)
9 Tech N9ne — Feel So Sad!
10 Tech N9ne — Leave It on the Flo! Pt. 1 Ft. Landxn Fyre
11 Tech N9ne — Phonk (Leave It on the Flo! Pt. 2) Ft. Merkules & Scru Face Jean
12 Tech N9ne — Angel Baby Ft. Navé Monjo
13 Tech N9ne — On the Outside
14 Tech N9ne — Smell Good Ft. Krizz Kaliko
15 Tech N9ne — Stoli Doli Ft. Love Mae C
16 Tech N9ne — For Ya Love Ft. Marley Young
17 Tech N9ne — B.I.B. Ft. Krizz Kaliko
18 Tech N9ne — Saw Somethin’ Ft. King Iso & Krizz Kaliko
19 Tech N9ne — KC Smile Ft. Krizz Kaliko
20 Tech N9ne — FEED Ft. JL of B. Hood

Don’t forget! Tech N9ne will be live on Instagram today at 7 P.M. CST!


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