Sadistik Hellishly Unleashes Visually Terrifying Snuff Music Video “Sad The Impaler” *Short Editorial*

Sadistik is always pushing the boundaries of what hip-hop can do visually and metaphorically. His latest EP “Delirium” proved darkness can be a great tool to present meaningful art thanks its inspiring vivid content. It’s like the Seattle born poetic lyricist  is wanting to push hip-hop back towards its early controversial roots when the urban genre had Police kicking in innocents people’s doors for simply going to a hip-hop show.  He comes correct for doing so, if that was his plan. We can all agree that there are far too many faux emcee’s claiming they live the life when they don’t. But Sadistik keeps delivering in-depth details on who he may really be on the inside through his well versed structured rhyme schemes that sound as if his heart popped out his chest containing  arms, legs, eyes, mouth and nose. Then suddenly gushed about the secrets  behind Sadistk’s life verbally face to face upon the individual pressing play to bump Sadistik’s music. Making people convinced the man really did have a chaotic past and may very well be still fighting his urges to dive head first back to those Hunter S. Thompson life style days of psychedelics and wild BDSM fetishes with women.  With that being said, inside  the video behind the“Sad The Impaler” persona  seems to showcase that Sadistik’s  past urges are indeed continuing to (suddenly) hellishly be creeping up on him, as if the thriller emcee wants to let the dark-side of the mind leak out and loose control again as a harsh way to evenly balance strengthening  his own hip-hop creativity. The terrifying visuals aim to explore  the highly controversial illegal dark imagery of black market snuff films by presenting flashes  of a masked man murdering as Sadistik drops vicious bars . One of its goals seems to be simply to scare the shit out of people whom randomly stumbled upon the video by sheer accident. While the other goal appears to be this appease his fans  who crave for Sadistik wicked lyrical bars to level up again side by side with influential horror and destroy everything rallying against the sounds of Sadistik! Nuff said! Peep the madness below and make sure you bump this all day until the dead wake, especially during the witching hours tonight!

from Faygoluvers


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