Mr. Grey (formerly of Gorilla Voltage) Releases New “Vicious Vendetta” LP!

The big homie Mr. Grey has a brand new LP out that he’s been working on for a long ass time.  He first made mention of the solo LP in 2015 and released a track list and sampler early last year.

Just a few days ago, Vicious Vendetta finally dropped!  Here’s the track list as a reminder:

  1. Asshole
  2. Kick in the Door (ft. Diabolic, C-Mob, Wildcard)
  3. Psycho Cypher (Grey Remix) (ft. Joe Cutter, Dirtbag Dan)
  4. Lullaby (ft. Slaine, Madchild)
  5. Little White Lie (Grey Remix) (ft. Twisted Insane, C-Mob, Philip Solo)
  6. My Descent
  7. There Will Be Blood
  8. The Duldrums
  9. Pill Cosby
  10. Lavish
  11. The Spirit Molecule
  12. Is This It
  13. Untold (ft. Bunny Chiba, Joe Cutter, Gravedigger, Whodat Peez)

I’m not sure how much it has changed, but there’s a 4 year old sampler that you can check out here:

Now’s the time to help support Mr. Grey on this solo venture!  Check out some of the ways you can listen to or download the album:

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