Intrinzik & McNastee Return To Their Punk Rock Roots Via “Live Stream The Revolution”!

Just like the Beastie Boys starting out as a full on hardcore punk band and forever crossing over into full on hip-hop. Two brave skillful emcees of the wicked underground took the same musical risk route over a decade later. That’s right. Before Intrinzik and McNastee became respectful leaders of the underground hip-hop scene, they were both punk/hardcore vocalists in bands long before dropping aggressive rhymes schemes all over Underground Hustlin. Intrinzik brought on the mosh pits when sporting an orange ski mask within  his metallic hardcore band “Fall Guy” when he toured across America with Twiztid in the early 2000’s. While around the same time McNastee rocked packed bar shows as the frontman of various bands including, Doozers, The Practice, and Full Scale Riot. McNastee and all three of his bands were once all signed to Rydas Records. We here at are mighty proud to say that Intrinzik and McNastee have united together and flash backed to their punk rock roots inside their latest collabo “Livestream the Revolution”. It’s punkalicous and packs a mighty one-punch man attack straight to the gut! Stream it below and support!

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